Africa's Public Service Delivery & Performance Review is a peer reviewed journal, aimed at the promotion and sharing of knowledge, skills and innovations in government and the wider Public-Sector environment in South Africa and abroad. With a multi-disciplinary outlook, the journal will stimulate service delivery and performance challenges being faced in government.

Original Research

Attacks on South African monuments: Mediating heritage in post-conflict society  
Gavin Bradshaw, Ntsikelelo B. Breakfast, Richard Haines
10 May 2018

Original Research

An investigation whether the deputy president of the African National Congress can be the successor to the president during the National Elective Conference  
Mavhungu E. Musitha, Mavhungu A. Mafukata
28 March 2018

Review Article

Civic and political rights of the Batwa ethnic minority in local governance at village level: The case of Kanungu District  
Martha Kibukamusoke, Jimmy Alemiga
08 March 2018

Original Research

Crisis of decolonising education: Curriculum implementation in Limpopo Province of South Africa  
Mavhungu E. Musitha, Mavhungu A. Mafukata
30 January 2018


Edwin Ijeoma
22 December 2017
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